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for Kontakt Full 5.5

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The psaltery of Ancient Greece (epigonion) is a harp-like instrument. The word psaltery derives from the Ancient Greek ψαλτήριον (psaltḗrion), “stringed instrument, psaltery, harp”[1] and that from the verb ψάλλω (psállō), “to touch sharply, to pluck, pull, twitch” and in the case of the strings of musical instruments, “to play a stringed instrument with the fingers, and not with the plectrum.”[2] The psaltery was originally made from wood, and relied on natural acoustics for sound production.

We used plectrum, but don’t tell anyone 😉






* DIY Pickups made by the XPERIMENTA Project founder Flavio Cangialosi. An innovative technique that allows you to create a full-customizable sound and outstanding effects!





  • Pure and realistic sound thanks to our handmade pickups and low self noise microphones.
  • Pick, bow and muted articulations
  • >700 samples, 1.6GB
  • Round Robin x2 for each note
  • Simple to use, intuitive and simple UI
  • 3 mic positions (Player, Close, Pickup)
  • Use it as a "Harpsichord-like" instrument, thanks to the Simple Release Control

File name:
Size: 476.02 MB (zipped, 500 MB unzpipped)
Download Policy: Available for 7 Days
Samples: 698 samples (NCW lossless) + 1 IR Sample, 62 groups
Sampling frequency/bit: 44.100hz / 24 bit 

Aviable for Kontakt or higher 

Not compatible with Kontakt Player.

Support Contact: [email protected]

  • Download our XPERIMENTA Psaltery and unzipp it
  • Open Kontakt or higher (not Kontakt free player!)
  • Go to File > Load Instruments and load the .nki file (or you can select it from the file browser)

If Kontakt can’t find some samples:

  • Click to “Select folder” on the “Missing samples” popup
  • Select the folder where XPERIMENTA Psaltery.nki and “Samples” folder are in.

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