for Kontakt Full 5.5

Were you searching for a realistic and a cool electrict bass sound? Well, probably you are in the right place.

From a great Ibanez Bass and lot of hours of work, we are really excited to release our new sampled bass. XPERIMENTA XBass is not like the others: is fast, light, powerful, simple and customizable with the user interface (gosths, pull up/down, noises & FXs, parametric EQ, 2 types of distorsion, amp & cabinet simulator, etc.).

  • Simulate the alternation of the index and the middle fingers: our XBass use the Round Robin technique.
  • Thanks to the IR Convolution technology, the XPERIMENTA XBass can reproduce the Resonance of the strings with incredible realism and fidelity.
  • Not one, but two type of releases: the release from the left hand (which stop the strings) and the one from the right hand.
  • Add power to your music thanks to the slap feature which is triggered with the last level of velocity. The result will be a natural feeling on playing and a very playlable and dynamic instrument.

It doesn’t matter what kind of music are you producing. Pop, Funky, Jazz, Rock: XBass will never let you down!








  • 5 Dynamic Layers (with Slap technique)
  • Pull-on legato samples
  • 2 type of release samples (sx and dx hand)
  • Round Robin x2 for each zone
  • Gosths, "pick" samples, ampli & cabinet simulation
  • [New] Easy to play and perfect for live and studio situatiosn: now XBass allows you to trigger the ghosts notes at the low velocities.


19€ / 21 $

for Kontakt 5.5.049 Full version or higher

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