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XPERIMENTA Harpsichord

34 $ / 29€

Have you ever heard about a deep-sampled, incredibly realistic and easy to use harpsichord?
From a beautiful, italian handcraft harpsichord made in Rome, XPERIMENTA Harpsichord is just the best choice for your productions.

  • Ultra Realistic sound: we carefully sampled each sound for creating the most natural sound we could get. How it can be so true and realistic? The quality of the microphones and the instrument, the alternation of samples, the noises, the release samples, the Impulse Response of the resonance, and a lot of passion: these are our secret.
  • Play it, it's fun! Suitable for all the genres: classical, baroque, soundtracks for films, theatre, television, and many more. Use it as solo virtuoso instrument or to give some colors to your tracks!
  • Full customizable, thanks to the smart user interface and to the four microphone positions we used (Spot, Close, Far, Surrond).





  • Italian handcraft harpsichord made by a Roman artisan
  • Round Robin in sustain and release samples, for a natural feeling of the instrument
  • IR Samples of resonance and studio acoustic, for an ultra-realistic sound modeling
  • Recorded with top-level microphones in four microphone positions: Spot (AB), Close (ORTF), Far and Surround + Bass mic for a deeper sound!
  • Choose between 8+8 and 8+16 Register, from the UI or throu the customizable Keyswitches
  • Advanced scripting: customize your instrument and became a perfect harpsichordionist!!

Are you a composer? Write a demo for us and, if we like it, get a 40% off to all our instruments!

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XPERIMENTA Harpsichord

for Kontakt 5.5.049 Full version or higher

34$ / 29€

Not compatible with Kontakt Player
Aviable for Kontakt or higher

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File name:
Size: 1,05 GB GB (zipped, 1,08GB unzpipped)

Download Policy: Available for 7 Days
Samples: 862 samples + 18 IR Sample, 23 groups
Sampling frequency/bit: 48.000hz / 24 bit

Aviable for Kontakt or higher 

Not compatible with Kontakt Player.

Support Contact: [email protected]

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