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Premium Pianos

Full: 129$

Piano One: 79€ | Piano Two: 79€

When Flavio and the team decided to make this sample library, they had in mind to create something special, something unique, that could really keep the real essence of the acoustic piano. We combine the art of sampling and the art of scripting to make the best sampled piano we could, made for satisfying the most demanding composers and musicians.
XPERIMENTA Due is our new-philosophy piano library, containing two premium pianos recorded with unique detail.


79€ / 79$

Piano One contains the XPERIMENTA Due – First Piano patches and samples from a C7 Gran Coda
Microphones: Close, Player, Room



158$ 129€ / 129$

The Full version contains:
Piano ONE, Piano TWO + Cinematic Bonus Patches
created in collaboration with sound designer.

SAVE 25%!


79€ / 79$

Piano One contains the XPERIMENTA Due – First Piano patches and samples from a C3 Half Coda
Microphones: Close, Room


Two Pianos

In one library

Real-sampled resonances

We sampled all the resonances and overtones

Round-Robin Release Samples

Alternates the samples

Advanced simulation

of the behaviour of the sympathetic resonance

3 Mic. Positions

Close, Player (only C7) and Room perspective.

14 Velocity Layers

In one word: Dynamic. Get a real piano experience!

Smart GUI

Don't stress: the Interface is designed for a comfortable use.

Chromatic Sampling

Pure sound. We didn't need to strech the samples.

NEW! Layers

Extend your possibilities with this new incredible feature.







A collection of live performances with Due, played by featured pianists and musicians.

a walk throught the pianos.

Riproduci video

Pino (Giuseppe) Cangialosi is an Italian musician and composer, chamber music teacher at the Conservatory of Latina, Italy.

Riproduci video

ThomasCSound reviewed our C3 Second Piano: check it out!

Simeon Amburgey test and plays Due pianos in a livestream on his YouTube Channel.
Riproduci video

ThomasCSound reviewed our C7 First Piano: check it out!

1.4: What's new

In Due 1.4, we presented new features:

  • Formant control allows you to change the formants of the samples, the size of the piano. It “stretch” and transpose the samples, and the final effect will be a giant dark or a toy piano!
  •  Instrument Layers: Extend your possibilities with our new instruments layers carefully sampled with our quality standards: Bells, Kantele, Piano, Harmonics, Choir, Guitar, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, E.Guitar. You can also use them as single instruments!
  • New patches: more than >50 patches made by musicians and composers.
  • Other Improvements: noise floor, value labels, general response of the piano.


We recorded a C7 Gran Coda in a 107mq hall in Sibelius Academy (Helsinki) with 3 microphone settings.
Clean: The piano have a clean, a bit bright but smooth sound. Perfect for Jazz in “Close” setting, for soundtrack scoring in “Player”, and for classical music in “Room”.


The second piano is a half-coda C3 Piano is a beautiful sounding room in the studios.
Smooth: The piano have a smooth and warm sound, perfect for Soundtrack music. The “Room” microphone position

"Not all the pianos are the same"

Every pianist knows that not all the pianos are the same. Each instrument can have a so different touch and color, and sometimes it is important to find the right piano for the right piece.
This is why we sampled two instruments so deeply: we wanted to give to our customers the freedom to choose between two different instruments, recorded both with the same philosophy.

the art of recording

After endless sessions of testing, we recorded the pianos using only top-end microphones and preamps in two beautiful-sounding room in Sibelius Academy Studios, Helsinki.

the art of scripting

To make this instrument, we decided to simulate the acoustic behaviour of the piano, with a combination of fine sampling of the mechanics (i.e. hammer and pedal noises) and a phisic-modeling philosophy of scripting.

the game of the resonance

We belive that a piano is not just a sum of its sounds: indeed, all the strings “interact” each other when played in a complex game. We wanted to recreate this interaction, in three way:

Overtones: We sampled the “overtones”, that are the harmonic resonance that the string generates by sympathetic resonance, and we mapped them in a way that they will play only when a releated note is pressed (i.e. a fifth, an octave). We also sampled the sound of the strings with the sustain pedal down.

Impulse Response: in collaboration with the Sibelius Academy Music Technology Department, we sampled the impulse response of the strings and the body of the C7.


Not compatible with Kontakt Player
Aviable for Kontakt or higher


Full version of Kontakt 5.5 or higher
Windows XP / Vista / 7. Intelmac and Mac OS 10.5 or higher.
20GB Free on Hard Disk
4 GB System Ram
Full: 129$ / 129€


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Patches: Due – First Piano.nki; Due – First Piano Light.nki (a lighter version for saving CPU and RAM resources); Due – Second Piano; Due – Second Piano Light
Size: 19.5 GB (zipped, 20,4 GB unzpipped)
Download Policy: Available for 7 Days
Samples: 9540 samples (NCW lossless) + 1 IR Sample
Sampling frequency/bit: 48.000hz / 24 bit

Aviable for Kontakt or higher 

Not compatible with Kontakt Player.

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