play-buttonPlay it with your friends around the fire! 😀 A realistic, powerful and useful guitar.


  • canzoni_da_falò_spiaggia_2014_043 sources: “Line” (jack); “Condenser Mic” and “Stereo Pair”.
  • x2 Round Robin and 3 Layers
  • Celestial harmonics samples!
  • Realistic release samples
  • EQ and reverb settings with the UI!

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Just one thing to know about Freebies products…

All of the free softwares for Kontakt in this website were made by Flavio (the XPERIMENTA Founder) at the age of 17-20 years old, in his little room 🙂 So the scripting, the sound and the functions are quite simple and basic. The premium instruments are a totally different series of libraries, made professionaly with top-end gear and with professional scripting and mindset.

Still, we decided to keep the freebie products available because a lot of people asked for them. A special thanks go to all the people that supported the project back in the days.

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