We are a little company based in Italy that build sampled libraries.
The "Project" of XPERIMENTA is to develop new-philosophy libraries that could inspire composers of our days with a unique and more personal approach. To achieve this, we "experiment" with the sound, starting from the acoustic sources of classical, folk and creative instruments.

Make a library is an artisan work: our libraries are hand-crafted sample by sample, togheter with musicians and engineer. For us is really important to show the process behind them and to tell the stories of the musicians that worked with XPERIMENTA.

"My main goal is to help other musician like me to express their creativity"

Behind the XPERIMENTA Project there’s me, Flavio Cangialosi.

Who is Flavio

I’m 24 years old musician, composer, and sound designer from Rome, and I’m the developer of XPERIMENTA Project. I develop the libraries from the recording to the scripting process.

I’ve been studing Double Bass at the conservatory and Music Technology at the “Saint Louis College of Music” in Rome, with a foreign year as an exchange student in the “Sibelius Academy” in Helsinki. Now I’m studying Video Game Composition in the Conservatory of Rome.

I work in the media and theatre field as a composer.

write me at: flavio.cangialosi@xperimentaproject.com