for Kontakt Full 5.6.8 or higher

We are proud to present you La Fisarmonica : a deeply sampled and hyper-realistic Kontakt library of a unique Italian handcrafted accordion.

With its warm and colorful tone, La Fisarmonica provides up to 7 registers, a “bellow” simulation, and separated samples for keyboards and buttons that make the instrument dynamic, organic, and playful. In order to give our users a unique musical experience, The Xperimenta team carefully aimed at recreating all of the accordion’s sonic intricacies and nuances by using top-end recording equipment, experienced sampling techniques, and talented musicians.

In order to get the best sonic results, Xperimenta recorded the library in the Sibelius Academy recording studios. Its 103 MQ recording room provided a deep and lushly sounding reverb that makes the instrument even more alive.



Main Features

Key, Buttons and Split Mode

We sampled the buttons and the keyboard separately. You can use them alone or togheter with the “Split” mode.

Multi-Microphone Settings

 La Fisarmonica features 3 microphone settings: Close, Middle and Room. You can change also volume of the keys noises and the release samples.

Nine register

You can create your own sound by activating the 4 voices: 8, 16, 4, Single Musette and Double Musette

Bellow simulation

This features simulates the change of the bellow by triggering the “pressing” or “pulling” sample.

9 type of Musette

It possible change the musette tuning in the “Settings” menu (Swing, French, Cajun, Italian, Scottish, etc.)

Dynamic on CC

The Accordion is a highly expressive instrument. This is why in La Fisarmonica you can control the dynamic with the modwheel or a custom Control Change.

Day & Night Mode

Stay focus on your project: Our library features a “Day” (white) mode or “Night” (dark grey) mode.

...and much more!

Discover the world of “La Fisarmonica“, and get inspired by the sound of this wonderful instrument: the accordion.

Video Demos


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In Action

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The sampling session of La Fisarmonica.

Played by Maimu Jõgeda

We are really proud to have worked with Maimu, a talented accordionist and composer from Estonia.
I am an Estonian accordionist, born and raised in the forests in the Southern part of Estonia: Võrumaa, in the most beautiful village in Estonia called Rõuge. I’ve always been captivated by traditional music. Growing up in a culturally rich place, taking part of folk festivals from a different angle than expected – my father has been selling the handicraft he’s been making and me & my sister were always following him when he was selling his stuff at fairs, closely connected to folk festivals (at least in Estonia) – all of that has a great deal in me becoming who I am today. “

Read more about Maimu in her website:

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for Kontakt Full 5.6.8 or higher