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  • Old Piano
  • Melodica
  • Flavio’s Voice
  • Horn (it’s very funny!)
  • 2 Guitars
  • Funny Spiccato Double Bass
  • School Recorder


All this instruments were created by Flavio, the mind behind the XPERIMENTA Project, when he was 17 years old!
You will have a very funny result!  emoticon-faccina-arrossataemoticon-faccina-arrossataemoticon-faccina-arrossataemoticon-faccina-arrossataemoticon-faccina-arrossata

270 MB of samples!


Just one thing to know about Freebies products…

All of the free softwares for Kontakt in this website were made by Flavio (the XPERIMENTA Founder) at the age of 17-20 years old, in his little room 🙂 So the scripting, the sound and the functions are quite simple and basic. The premium instruments are a totally different series of libraries, made professionaly with top-end gear and with professional scripting and mindset.

Still, we decided to keep the freebie products available because a lot of people asked for them. A special thanks go to all the people that supported the project back in the days.

Enjoy your instrument! And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!




XPERIMENTA Kids Instruments

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