Our “mission” is to help musicians and creative people in their beautiful projects, giving them an important row material.

The sampled instruments are typically very expensive (from 100$ to 700$ and more!!). This is because the recording sessions are very long, and there’s also a big work in the post-production session!

But if you don’t have that virtual instruments, often you are forced to use instruments…that are not very performing. So, some people sadly download expensive sounds illegally. And this is very bad, because there is a lot of work and research behind every instrument.

So we want to help creative people, giving them useful sampled instruments for FREE, hoping to be a good resource for their music.

Everybody needs to express their creativity.

Main goalsobiettivi-500

  • Allow users from all the world to create a good-quality music.
  • Remove differences. It doesn’t matter what’s your economic situation. All people MUST have the possibility to start a project. So it is important to encourage who is talented, not who has money.
  • Fight against the piracy. If you know there’re some good instruments for free, you don’t need to download other software illegaly!


Who we are?

12052569_1225199120829417_6309526857986569195_o“My main goal is to help other musician like me to express their creativity

Behind the XPERIMENTA Project there IS Flavio Cangialosi.

Who is Flavio

Flavio Cangialosi is an Italian musician (piano, electrict bass, double bass and composition). He is studing Double Bass at the conservatory, and Music Technology at the “Saint Louis College of Music”. Sadly his english is not perfect! He is 21 years old.

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