Libraries for Kontakt


  • "Double Bass Main Demo".

  • "Harpsichord sonanta".


59,99€ 99,99€
UNTIL 10/02

  • "Impro Demo".

  • "Mastering Padi Chaat v1.3".

  • "Kantele Flavio Master".



  • "xbass Funy".


  • "Prokofiev v3.2".

  • "Il Folle di Stradella".

  • "Prokofiev v3.2".



Free Composer's Toolkit

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Why XPERIMENTA? Because we love to “experiement” with sound. And in order to experiment, you have to break the rules. With our free and non-conventional approach to sampling, we want to inspire every musician’s creativity, giving them a big palette of unique and beautiful sounds.

100% handcraft work

Our company wants to promote the local excellences and the creative ideas from all over the world. All the samples are cleaned, cutted one by one by our growing team based in Rome, Italy.

by musicians, for musicians

The XPERIMENTA team is endessly searching  for new and inspiring sounds, starting from acoustic sources. We want to give  each musician, composer and producer  the chance to tell a story and get inspired by the stories behind each sample.

“My main goal is to help other musician like me to express their creativity“
Flavio Cangialosi

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